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Our Instructors & Staff Members:

Sheldon Marr, Owner/Coach (above): Sheldon Marr is a former Judo and Wrestling Champion, and has been involved in the Martial Arts for over 50 years. "Coach" Marr has been inducted into the Jujitsu America, U.S. Pankration, U.S Martial Arts, World Martial Arts & International Black Belt Halls of Fame. Marr was a Coach of the U.S. Pankration Team for the 2000 World Championships, and a Coach of the U.S. Grappling Team for the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 World Championships, In 2014,  Coach Marr received the "Living Legend Award" from the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 


Nick Marr, Black Belt, Senior Instructor (above): Nick is an 8X U.S. National Grappling &/or Jiu Jitsu Champion, a former Colorado State Freestyle Wrestling Champion, the Kickdown Lightweight MMA Champion and the Fight-2-Win 145lb MMA Champion. In 2014, Nick competed on the U.S. MMA Team and was the Assistant U.S. Grappling Team Coach at the FILA World Grappling & MMA Championships in Budapest, Hungary. In 2013, Nick placed 2nd in the FILA Amateur MMA World Championships and was the Assistant U.S. Grappling Team Coach at the FILA World Championships in London, Canada. In 2012, Nick placed 5th in the World in both Grappling and MMA at the FILA World Championships in Krakow, Poland! Nick is not only our lead Grappling Coach, he's our MMA Coach, one of our Muay Thai Coaches, and a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach and Fitness Coach as well!    

Thiago Detanico, Black Belt, BJJ Instructor (above): Professor Thiago Detanico was the 2006 U.S National Grappling Lightweight Champion, and started his training in Brazil directly under World Famous BJJ and Vale Tudo Champion Mario Sperry. Thiago has been teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling at Edge MMA & Fitness since 2004, and is an invaluable part of our Academy! 

"Team Edge's Strikeforce" (L-R): Aaron LaPoint (Kickboxing Coach), Tom Yoshida (Kickboxing Advisor), David Baca (Colorado State Kickboxing Champion), Aaron Williams (Kickboxing Coach) and Chad Kroupensky (Boxing Coach). 

Tom Yoshida (Kickboxing Advisor): Tom Yoshida has cross-trained in many Martial Arts and is a black belt in Judo and Karate. Tom is a 4X All-Japan Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion, and was our Head Kickboxing Coach at Edge for many years (taking our MMA program to the next level)! Tom has trained and coached many Champions in kickboxing in the Denver area, including World Champion Duane "Bang" Ludwig.

Aaron Williams (Muay Thai Coach): Coach Aaron began his kickboxing career in 1991 under the initial tutelage of John CronkSoon after his first few fights, Aaron began training with James TigrettTigrett introduced Aaron to Muay Thai. Looking to expand opportunities to compete, Aaron was introduced to Clarence Thatch. Thatch not only shaped Aaron’s fighting style but influenced his philosophy of fighting. It was under Clarence Thatch that Aaron began to analyze fighting, breaking it down move-by-move. Only then was Aaron able to see the beauty and art of fighting. Aaron said of Thatch, “Clarence was such a student of the fight game, he knew what technique you were going to throw at him before you did.”

After a successful career as a fighter, Aaron has found great joy training competitive and non-competitive athletes, passing on his experience. Since the year 2000, Aaron has trained many local, regional and national champions. Coach Aaron has trained at Edge MMA for almost ten years and is happy to be teaching the Muay Thai and Cardio Kickboxing classes. He is excited to share his deep passion for the sport and world-class training techniques he has learned from working with multiple regional, international and world champion fighters.

Career highlights - fighter

1993 CKA Cruiserweight champion

1994 CKA Cruiserweight champion

 2000 High-Desert Cruiserweight champion

Career highlights– trainer

Head trainer and Coach of the Aurora Police Boxing Team

Katie Meehan 4-time IKF National champion

Rob Mathews – 1999 IKF National champion

Aaron LaPoint (Kickboxing Coach): Aaron was a 2X Runner-Up at the Colorado State Golden Gloves, 2nd Place at the Okinawan (Kumite) World Tournament, 3rd Place at the WKF Nationals (Kumite), Multiple Time Colorado WKF State Champion (Kata & Kumite), Member of the U.S. Seibukan Karate Team, Member of the U.S. ISKF/JKA Shotokan Team, and wrestled from Elementary School through High School. Aaron holds 3rd Degree Black Belts in both ISKF/JKA Shotokan Karate and Seibukan Okinawan Karate and trained in Thialand at the Sityipec and Sityatong Camps.

Chad Kroupensky (Boxing Coach): Chad learned to love and appreciate boxing at a local Boy's Club in Michigan, where he trained and sparred with several State and National Amateur Champions. Chad fought in a handful of "Smokers" while in the U.S. Marine Corps, and also trained with, sparred, and cornered several bouts for All-Marine Boxing Team Members. Chad apprenticed under Scott Ardrey, and was hand-picked by Scott to assume training duties at Edge Boxing.

Jess Zobeck, Wrestling Coach (above with 2 Gold Medals): Jess Zobeck was a 3X State Place Winner in High School (in Iowa), an All-American for Iowa Central, and a three-year letterman at the University of Iowa. Jess qualified to compete in the 2005 U.S. World Freestyle Team Trials and trained for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Ricardo Murgel  (BJJ Advisor): 
Master Ricardo Murgel is widely considered one of the World's foremost authorities on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and Vale Tudo. Master Murgel is also the highest ranked Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor (8th Degree Black Belt) in Southern Brazil with over 50 years experience. His many accomplishments include having coached the 2001 ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championships Super Heavyweight Champion, as well as more than 30 Brazilian National, World Jiu Jitsu and Vale Tudo Champions. The Grappler's Edge Team has formed an affiliation with the Union World Fighting Team, under Master Murgel and Master Flavio Behring.

Scott Ardrey  (Boxing Advisor): Scott Ardrey is known as "Boxing's Trainer of Champions". Scott has been active in the Boxing community for over 3 decades. He served as a Boxing Instructor at the 20th Street Gym for 11 years, and as the Athletic Director at the Southwest Community Center for 2 years. His many awards include being named USA Boxing National Coach (3 Times), National Golden Gloves Coach (2 Times), and the U.S. Olympic Festival Boxing Coach in 1986. Scott was also named Colorado's 1995 "Trainer of the Year" as he prepared Colorado's 1995 "Fighter of the Year" Stevie Johnston for his 1996 World Lightweight Title Fight.


Brandon Ruiz (above): - Black Belt - 2011 FILA World Grappling Champion, 2014, 2013 & 2011 U.S. World Team Trials Champion, 2014, 2013, 2009 & 2008 World Grappling Championships Runner-Up. 2014, 2013, 2011, 2009 & 2008 U.S. World Grappling Team Member, 8X U.S. National Super-Heavyweight Submission Wrestling &/or Grappling Champion & 2008 Absolute Champion. Former BYU Wrestler, 2004 & 2006 ADCC North American Team Trials Runner-up. Ranked #3 U.S. Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestling Ladder.

Above (L-R): Bahar Shahidi, Coach Marr & Malcolm Havens.

Bahar Shahidi - Black Belt - 2013, 2009 & 2007 U.S. World Grappling Team Member, 2013, 2009 World Grappling Lightweight Bronze Medalist, 2007 World Grappling Silver Medalist, 2013 U.S. World Grappling Team Trials Champion, 2007 U.S. World Grappling Team Trials Lightweight Runner-up, 2007 Mid-Atlantic Lightweight Grappling Champion, 4X U.S. National Submission Wrestling Lightweight Champion & 2009 Women's Absolute Champion, Black Belt in Judo (under Mitchell Palacio).

Malcolm Havens - Black Belt - 2007 World Grappling Champion, 2007 U.S. World Grappling Team Member, 2007 National & World Team Trials Grappling Champion. 5X U.S. National Pancrase Submission Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Former University of Wyoming Varsity Wrestler, Former 3X Colorado All-State Wrestler.

Mike Nuss - Black Belt - Former Collegiate All-American Wrestler. 1976 Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team Trials Competitor.

Eric Koble - Black Belt - 5X U.S. National Jiu Jitsu/Grappling Champion. Former Iowa University Wrestler (member of 4 NCAA National Championship Teams). 2X ADCC North American Team Trials & 2003 ADCC World Championships Competitor.

Scott Marshall - Black Belt - 5X U.S. National Jiu Jitsu/Grappling Champion. Former University of Pennsylvania Wrestler. Invited to compete in the 2003 ADCC World Championshps.

Jim Wonhof - Black Belt - 4X U.S. National Jiu Jitsu/Grappling Champion (7X medalist). Has trained under/with Coach Marr for over 25 years.

Steve Stobaugh - Black Belt - U.S. National Jiu Jitsu Champion. Former University of Cincinnati and U.S. Army Wrestler.

Bert Griggs - Black Belt - U.S National Jiu Jitsu and Judo Champion.

Jim Bacon - Black Belt - U.S. National Jiu Jitsu and Judo Champion.

Between the 13 of them: Marr, Marr, Detanico, Ruiz, Shahidi, Havens, Nuss, Marshall, Koble, Wonhoff, Stobaugh, Griggs and Bacon have over 300 years of experience in the Grappling Arts and Marr, Griggs and Bacon are all former members of the U.S. Olympic Judo Training Squad (Resident Athletes at the U.S. Olympic Training Center)!

For more information about the EDGE MMA and FITNESS staff or training programs, please contact us at (303) 433-EDGE or by clicking here.